To Taste The Divine


Writer: Mon Rovîa Producer: okkheart Art director: Micky brown Music video producer : Daniel Pate Actor: Damien Chaney Management: Eric Cromartie Label: NiceWork

Artist Summary:

My friend and the producer of this song "okkHeart" created this at 3am in the morning. We had just finished recoding a different song and still had this energy and hunger to create something different. This is one of my fav songs. The darkness and mood of it really just sinks you in. It's About assimilation and the fitting in to a culture we, (meaning immigrants, or minorities) were never made to fit into. It's about that struggle. Will you like me if I become exactly like you? What else do I need to do to be accepted? It asks that question, and many people still need an answer. For me, I stopped asking, and began loving myself for who I am, it has made all the difference.

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